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Skill Builders Pediatric Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy Services to Children & their Families in Edmonton & Area. Online Handwriting Worksheets, Preschool Fine Motor Activities, Pencil Grasp & Sensory Integration Resources for Download.

Dyspraxia & Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) specific content can be found HERE.

Clinical Services in Greater Edmonton & Northern Alberta
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Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers
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Fine Motor Skill Development Birth thru 6 Years
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Pencil Grasp Activities Free
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Featured Article ...  Why Canít My Child Print His Name?
Many parents & educators strive for their child to be able to print their name upon entering Kindergarten. But is this an appropriate goal? 
Fine motor skills are the foundation upon which children learn printing & handwriting.  Click (here) to examine the development of fine motor skills & printing, as well as learn what are age-appropriate expectations.
Also...  learn about the Development of Handwriting skills by clicking (here)
... Gross Motor Skill Development (here).


Are You Teaching your Preschool Child Handwriting?
Many parents & educators push their preschool children to learn handwriting.  However too often this results in a frustrated Preschooler & frustrated parents.  Handwriting is a complex skill that is developed on a foundation of fine motor skills & gross motor skills.  Learning handwriting is to a Preschool Child like learning to run is to an infant.  You wouldn`t expect an infant to run before they can walk, so you shouldn`t expect you Preschool Child to learn handwriting before they have mastered the fine motor skill of printing

Click (here) to learn more about the Development of Handwriting Skills.

Many Great Worksheets, Activities & OT Resources to help your child build Handwriting Skills, , Fine Motor Skills, Printing Skills, Gross Motor Skills & Sensory Integration Skills all in one place!

Download our Free Handwriting Lined Paper!


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